Advanced Occupation- Varlet

Requirements: 50 crown for the purchases of necessary uniform and training. Must be actively employed by another character, PC or NPC, and willing to serve them in various in-game tasks.

A varlet is a type of manservant whose primary task is to attend to their master's every whim, however foolish. Of course, varlet has come to be slang for a dishonest man, and many varlets have found their master's tongue getting them into the fistfights they are famous for.


Duty (fulfilling the requests of your master, 2/day), Income (5), “Leadership” (1, your master)

Unarmed Combat
Once per Renew, you may throw a packet at an opponent within melee reach and call “Subdue”. You may also call “Disengage” once per Renew.

and any one Craft skill (2)