Weapons and Armor


There are many types of weapons a warrior can use, each with its strengths and weaknesses. On the charts below, please note the weapon lengths and the Special Attacks. Many characters are capable of making use of Special Attacks, whether from Gifts, skills, items, or other sources. Each weapon type has specific Special Attacks they are capable of, as shown on the following chart. Special Attacks are particularly powerful attacks a skilled warrior can make a limited number of times based on their Gifts, Advantages, and Skills. 

Any character may use a single, one handed melee weapon of up to 42” in length, and a normal crossbow. Depending on your Gifts (and possibly Ordinary Skills), you may be able to use more advanced weapons. Any weapon over 42” requires special Gifts or Skills to use, and must be used in two hands. Your character is assumed to be armed with weapons suitable to you at the start of game. If you somehow lose your weapons (or armor) it is assumed that you can find more without much difficulty.

Special Attacks

Melee Weapon Types - Length - Special Attacks - Notes

  • Claws - 24-30”  - Maim - See Claws.
  • Dagger - 18-24" - Doom
  • Flail  - 32-54" - 2 Crushing - Requires Weapon Use (Flail) to use.
  • One Handed Axe - 18-36" - 4 Damage, Harm, Maim
  • Two Handed Axe - 30-60" - 6 Damage, Harm, Maim
  • One Handed Blunt - 18-36”- 4 Crushing, Subdue Club, hammer, or mace.
  • Two Handed Blunt - 30-54" - 6 Crushing, Subdue Club, hammer, or mace.
  • One Handed Sword - 24-42” - Lethal, Maim
  • Two Handed Sword - 36-60” - Lethal, Maim
  • Polearm - 60-72" - 3 Damage, Maim
  • Spear - 48-72" - Lethal
  • Staff - 48-66" - Subdue, Trip
  • Tool - 24-60" - 2 Damage, Subdue - Pick, Shovel, Broom, etc.

Ranged Weapon Types - Length - Special Attacks - Notes

  • Bow* - 24-36” - Lethal - Base 2 Damage
  • Hand Crossbow* - <16" - Lethal
  • Normal Crossbow* - 20-40” - Lethal - Base 3 Damage
  • Thrown Weapon - <12” - 2 Damage
  • Javelin - 24- 36” - Lethal

* For more information, see the appropriate entry below.


Bows are generally simulated using padded weapons curved into a bow shape. They can be used to block attacks (but not strike), but if they do so they are damaged and may not be used to fire arrows for the duration of the current battle. The arrows are represented by bird seed packets much like spells and other effects. However, no effect is called for an ordinary shot, and all players should know that arrows do 2 points of damage per hit unless something else is called.

Unlike crossbow bolts, arrows are consumed when they are fired. They must be made, purchased or found in game and come in sets of 5 or 10. You must carry them in a quiver of some kind, and must properly roleplay shooting them. You must discard the Arrow tag when you fill your quiver. Thus the bow is more of a secondary weapon than the crossbow, since arrows are more precious.

At Burgundar, you may use real bows with LARP-safe arrows. More information on this can be found on the Burgundar website.


Many enemies, especially non-human enemies, use claws represented (usually) by plain black or red props. These weapons are immune to the Disarm effect. Humans are limited to 30” claws, and must have the Brawler skill, Skin Changer gift, or some other special circumstance to use them. Other creatures may use different sized claws, sometimes even in two hands, to represent enormous bites, snake-like lunges, and the like.


Powerful and deadly, the crossbow is a popular weapon among the common folk of Mystwood. Indeed, some Knights have sought to outlaw it, due to its killing power. Any bolt fired from a two handed crossbow does 3 points of damage automatically as long as it is at least 8” long. It is not necessary to call this damage. You may only carry 12 crossbow bolts at a time, however, you may retrieve them and use them as often as desired.

Any normal crossbow struck by a melee weapon is damaged and useless for the duration of the current battle. They are best used from a distance. 

Hand Crossbows

Small, easily carried, and dangerous when skillfully used, hand crossbows normally fire NERF darts or similar projectiles. These do only 1 point of damage, however there is no limit to how many you can carry, and hand crossbows are not damaged if struck by a melee weapon.

Restricted Weapons

Some weapons are rare, difficult to use, or potentially dangerous to their wielder. These weapons are Restricted. The most commonly encountered are Flails, jointed weapons capable of crushing blows and able to wrap around shield and blade alike, and Large Shields, over 36” in dimension. Any Restricted Weapon requires a special Weapon Use skill to be used.


Shields are the only "weapons" that are totally useless and must be dropped if they suffer the "Shatter" effect. After the battle you may however pick up your shield and use it in future battles. It is assumed that there are a plentiful amount of shields around or that you are skilled enough to repair your shield. All shields must have a padded rim and no sharp or otherwise dangerous projections. THERE IS NO SHIELD BASHING ALLOWED.

Unusual Weapons

Unusual weapons are obtainable only with an item tag, typically from a Smith. They are modifications of existing weapon types, and as such characters with Weapon Specialization may use them to gain additional Special Attacks.

Name - Special Attacks - Description

Court Blade -  Disarm, Lethal - Two Handed Sword: Lighter than most great swords. Basically a two handed rapier.Disarm may be used as Special Attack only once per Renew.

Dirk - Doom, Harm - Dagger: This wide-bladed dagger, often made from a broken sword, is capable of deadly thrusts and slashing wounds.

Double Sword - Lethal, Maim -  Two Handed Sword: Heavy staff, with a sword blade protruding from both sides. It is wielded almost like a staff, but can deal far greater damage.

Falchion - 4 Damage, Maim -  One Handed Sword: A broad bladed sword with most of its weight on the striking end giving it the chopping power of an axe.

Frankard - 3 Damage, Trip - Polearm: This polearm sports a wicked hook.

Gouge - Lethal, Harm, Maim - Two Handed Axe: This axe head brandishes nearly 360 degrees of sharpened steel allowing it to thrust as well as chop.

Guttentag -  6 Crushing, Harm - Two Handed Blunt: Atop this great club sits a reinforced spike the length of a hand allowing it to punch through flesh and armor alike.

Hamaxe - 4 Crushing, Maim - One Handed Axe and One Handed Blunt: A wood splitting maul adapted for war. Strong and versatile, on and off the battlefield.

Hewing Spear - 3 Damage, Lethal - Spear: Little more than a short sword attached to a spear shaft. It can achieve vicious slashes and deadly thrust.

Name - Special Attacks - Description

Khopesh -  Maim, Trip - One Handed Sword: This curved sickle looking blade is equally suited to taking legs out from under people as taking them off.

Mace-spear - 4 Crushing, Lethal - One Handed Blunt and Spear: Also known as a scorpion, this weapon gives option to a soldier without adding bulk to his gear. You may use Lethal only with the spear end, and “3 Crushing” with the mace end of the weapon.

Pilum - Lethal, Shatter Shield - Javelin: Favored by professional armies the long slender head can penetrate a shield as easily as a man in skilled hands, rendering either useless in a battle.

Plumbatum -  Harm - Thrown Weapon: A heavy, barbed dart weighted with lead, plumbata are often used by warriors hunting great beasts, such as wild boar or chaos beastmen.

Rapier - Lethal, Special* - One Handed Sword: Lighter and longer than most swords, these are excellent in duels where extra reach can mean the difference between winning and losing. * A rapier’s blade may be 3”longer than normal.

Reaper Maul - 6 Crushing, Maim - Two handed axe or blunt: Favored by beast hunters. This fierce looking weapon hasmany forms, but always consist of a large hammer with an axe blade mounted below it.

Shot put - 4 Crushing, Subdue - Thrown Weapon: Shotputs do “2 Crushing” all the time when thrown with proper form. This solid iron ball is over 4” in diameter and can deal devastating damage.

Weapon Construction Guidelines

Many players will want to make their own weapons. Mystwood will provide weapons to players for their first event, free of charge, but what you get is luck of the draw from the NPC weapon stockpile. If at all possible, it is better to make or buy your own. For those with the cash, excellent weapons can be purchased on the Internet. For more information on weapon construction visit the "Make a LARP Weapon" Page. 

Latex Weapons

Many players will purchase and possess weapons made of latex, polyurethane, or plastidipped foam. These weapons are generally NOT suitable for thrusting attacks, as their construction does not take this into account. To that end, no commercially constructed weapon may be used for thrusting attacks without being singularly confirmed and approved.


It is possible to wear armor for increased protection. Only armor that looks realistic and period appropriate may be used- sports equipment and plastic Halloween armor are not allowed unless heavily modified. Armor adds to your Hit Point total. For simplicity’s sake, it doesn’t matter if your foe strikes you in an armored area or not, you still have the extra Hit Points.

The amount of Hit Points you gain from your armor is rated according to the type of armor and what pieces of armor you are wearing. All of the following pieces of armor will stack with one another, however the maximum armor you are allowed to wear will be determined by your occupation.

Other benefits may be gained by wearing armor enhanced by a character with Metalworking.

Armor Benefit:

  • Back Plate +2 Hit Points
  • Breastplate +2 Hit Points
  • Brigandine +2 Hit Points
  • Chainmail Coif +1 Hit Points
  • Chainmail Hauberk +4 Hit Points
  • Chainmail Shirt +2 Hit Points
  • Chainmail Vest +1 Hit Points
  • Cuisses or Tassets +1 Hit Points
  • Full Arm Armor +1 Hit Points
  • Gambeson +1 Hit Points 
  • Great Helm +2 Hit Points
  • Greaves +1 Hit Points
  • Helmet +1 Hit Points
  • Leather/Hide Clothing +1 Hit Points
  • Metal Bracers/Gauntlets (pair) +1 Hit Points
  • Pauldrons and Gorget +2 Hit Points 
  • Soft Leather Arms AND Legs +1 Hit Points