Dress and Appearance  

Navarre is the crossroads of the Known World in some ways. Though many wear the simple tunics that have been commonplace for a thousand years, or heraldic tabards/surcoats, others are experimenting with different styles and fashions from other lands. The upshot of this is that any fantasy or historical costuming pre-1600s is generally fine. However, there are a few styles of costuming we ask people to avoid: 

  • “Musketeer” type- frock coats, feathered hats, rapiers, etc.
  • “Pirate” type- bandanas, eye patches, etc.
  • “Highlander” type- the Kilt/knee socks/shirt/cap look, though elements of it by themselves are fine.
  • “Samurai”, “Ninja”, martial arts uniforms generally.

We are happy to loan costuming as needed!