The Church

Long ago, there were many cults and sects devoted to many gods. Though holy men and women sought to lead others toward what was good, differences often led to bloodshed between those who should have made common cause against Chaos. Over time, wise folk came to understand that there were but three true and holy gods, and those were unified in a single Church, though each sect preserves many of its own practices.

The followers of Justice build tall churches and uphold what is good and just- honor, law, order, chivalry, marriage, and family. Their rites are solemn and thoughtful.

The followers of Mercy believe less in ceremony and more in action, above all striving to live lives worthy of their goddess. They labor on behalf of the less fortunate, collect alms, and are always ready to spill their blood in battle for a worthy cause. Many throughout history have been martyred for their beliefs.

The followers of the Wild hold their ceremonies in field and forest. Their god has dominion over all natural things, and over the bodily needs of the people. There is much mysticism in the cult of the Wild, ancient rites that others look askance at.

The Church is governed from Byzantium by the Triarch, consisting of:

      • The High Theocrat of Justice
      • The Arch Druid of the Wild
      • The Enlightened of Mercy

Below these three individuals, who serve for life, each faith has its own structure, rites, places of worship, and sects. Considerable variation exists in the details of theology and practice from kingdom to kingdom, and even village to village, but all within the Church are united in certain core beliefs.