War and Rebellion 

War ebbs and flows across the Known World. Armies march, and great battles are fought. These battles are decided most often by the charge of armored knights, massed ranks of archers, and hordes of poorly armed peasants.The Queen of Albion presses her dynastic claim to much of the coastal land of Navarre, but this rarely troubles Eastmarch itself. The League wars against raiders from Teutonia and Danemark. Illyria and Hellas squabble forever over shifting borders. Aaragon drives off pirates from Barbary, and both Byzantium and Novogorond ever-struggles against Thulian raiders, both Chaotic and the merely desperate.

The Mystwood is, in some ways, more tranquil. Great armies cannot easily traverse the forest with its unreliable paths and many hostile denizens. Even when they can, they are loath to do so, for the Dragon is drawn to such hosts, either as invasions of its domain, or because of its love of horseflesh. Indeed, few horses will willingly enter the Mystwood, and battles there are almost always fought on foot.

None the less, the Mystwood sees a near perpetual state of conflict between small bands of warriors (less than thirty in most cases). Most of these battles are against various raiders, fell beasts, and chaos spawn, but in 946 the inhabitants, angered by a levy for the building of ships they would never see, rose in rebellion, slaying the duke's sheriff. Though there were punitive expeditions by Dragonshire that resulted in several small battles (the sheriff having been related to Baron Andrac), the Duchess in Waiting simply ordered all contact cut off with the colony. In time, deprived of all commerce and finding the fruits of their occupations much diminished, the rebels sued for peace. Part of the settlement included the creation of the Town Guard, Mystwood's only professional fighting force, charged with keeping brigandage, sedition, poaching and the like within reasonable limits, as well as serving as Navarre's first line of defense.

Out of Game Note: Though the government of Navarre is enlightened by the standards of the Known World, there is still plenty of injustice to combat for those with a bent toward such things, though it is generally best to do so with subtlety. It is possible that some combination of events could lead to the player characters rising in rebellion. Open conflict with the lords of the kingdom will cause the economy of the Mystwood to collapse, and many Occupations will lose the use of some of their skills and abilities. This may be a price worth paying, but it should be understood in advance.